It is our mission to glorify God, make Him known, and to grow people in their walk with Him.  God loves the world and has a plan for every life.  We desire that people come to know Him and are propelled into their destinies as they learn to partner with the Holy Spirit to see His will fulfilled in their lives. 

As we learn to greater flow with the Holy Spirit we pray that as we gather as a body of believers that those who would come that do not know the Lord would be able to "taste and see that the Lord is good."  His manifest presence, the gifts of the Spirit, the love and unity of the church all declaring that the Father loves them and that Jesus was truly sent to pay the price for our sins and restore our broken relationship with the Father. 


Here at Strafford 1st Assembly we value:

  • His presence.  It is a priority that we live in the Spirit and continually host the Holy Ghost both corporately and individually.
  • People.  Each life is important to the Lord and it is important to us.  The Father sent His Son that none would perish, making the price tag on every life "Jesus."  We desire to lead people, both here and around the world, to Jesus and call out those things God has put inside of them so that they flourish. This includes both pouring into individuals and strengthening families in the faith so that each give an awesome display of the Kingdom of God to all who would observe.  
  • Propelling People Into Their Destinies.  As God has a plan for every life, we desire to equip each one and to help propel them into the destiny God has for them.  We desire to encourage and affirm the gifts that God has put in each one so that they feel confident to step out in faith and see the Kingdom revealed through their lives in the way God has designed.  The Lord has works already ordained for us to walk in, we desire to help people meet their divine appointments and not bring them down.